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Nov 9, 2012 6:30am EST
traveled to california to get a look at the stars. >> i planned this after the last premier. i have been saving up time for vacation. we have a good bit of ten days here. >>> and it drew a huge crowd. that's take non-more than $2.5 billion. who do you have. >> edward. all the way. >> he was cheated on, right? >> right. [ laughter ] >> he is learning. >> have a great friday.
Nov 9, 2012 5:30am EST
part 1 drew in a large crowd. it has take non-2.5 billion. good thing it is california. it will be chilly here, right? >> edward or jacob. >> edward. >> i have no idea who you are talking about. >>> we're under a clear sky now. look at the sunrise at 6:44. look at the sunset. we check out what is going on at 5 miles an hour making that feel colder than that. this is what you will deal with this morning. manage sure that you have the big coat on, you need it. as we go throughout the day, you will peel things off. the temperature at 56 trees. we'll call it cool. now the traffic with lauren. >> and wear the purple here. if you are in the neighborhood avoid north charles street. shutting it down from penn station to 21st street. stick with calvert or 83 as the alternate routes. as we take a look at the lines, no problems through the tunnels. this is 695 on the west side. normal continues and no delays. back over to you. >>> if you are looking for work, baltimore may be the place to be today. >> where the dozens of employers are meeting today and who they will look to hire.
Nov 12, 2012 6:30am EST
house in beverly hills california says it soldfor 480,000 dollars. the buyer has not been identified. >>> today katy's will -- katie will welcome a special guest. >> judge judely will talk about the responsibility of a woman in the white house perhaps next time around. here's a preview. >> and so i think that it's sad that in the anniversary of this country almost 2 hundredth year we don't have a woman who can do -- has been able to get to the point to do the job let's hope in 2016 that changes. >> i would say yes. but would you support hillary clinton a lot of women would very invested in her campaign her candidacy last time. >> i like her. i like her. i come to like her more. i think she is a person of substance and quality and i think she understands the system and he think she is an excellent politician and understands economics and i think she now understands the international arena. would i support her? probably. >> would you-- >> there's the preview. >> all right. >> she is no nonsense that judge judy. >> hold off on the cell phone. you might need to know something especially
Nov 13, 2012 6:30am EST
. and on line, employees are arguing that it takes the values away. on, a employee from california started a petition, to quote save thanksgiving for the family. around 150,000 people signed it in support. >> it's a family time, how far are we going to go for retail and commercialism. >> there is an appetite for shopping and it's becoming earlier and earlier. >> other stores are starting black friday sales on thanksgiving. they include toys r us, wal- mart and old navy. >> american music awards is coming up, we got the line up. >> we sure do. we will find out if your favorite stars are performing who, is going to be on stage for the show? w=!nño the line up has been announced for the 40á9 anniversary of the american music awards. >> the show will be broadcast live on november 18th, pop sensation, of course, the bieber is going to be there sp kelly clark zonks they have just been added to the lineup. >> they are going to join a looping list of entertainers, -- long list of entertainers, taylor swift and nicki minaj. they will be select bid on line voting. >>> justin timberlake and
Nov 16, 2012 6:30am EST
it to the burn institute in sacramento california because of his gooddeed he was given a tour of the firehouse and firefighters were impressed with his act of generosity especially a man who need help from the burn institute. >> two years ago i was burned in a house explosion. especially everything that myself and my friend went through to see a young man who is 4 years old to do that huge. >> firefighters hope there are more kids like him who put others before them sneeze 4 years old is incredible he had the idea to do what in the first place. you think your birthday and think toys but his mind was somewhere else. >> on the road this morning quickly, we have got water mains and detours around there right. >> reporter: yeah, repairs underway in baltimore city. but the main story right now on the roads is the serious crash in kingsville. philadelphia road is shut down for a while between joppa farm road and bradshaw road. several people injured. we will bring you the latest. we are following it all morning on >> all right. great. >> recap of the weather. >> yeah. >> football weath
Nov 1, 2012 6:30am EDT
this happen in missouri. they happen in california. they don't happen here. this is not supposed to happen here. it's terrible. >> now fire officials say that the fire burned about 110 homes in the breezy point community. sherrie johnson abc2 news. >>> hard to imagine. thanks. we are just beginning to grasp just how much damage sandy caused. take a look at this. this person is sitting on a porch of what was once a beach front home, this along the new jersey coast. you can almost feel the sense of lost and despair coming from that man as he sits on the steps of what was once his home with his head in his hands. >>> a battle over a parking spot turns violent. the whole thing is caught on camera and police say the video shows a 77-year-old woman driving her buick almost 300 yards with a man clinging to the hood. there are conflicting stories about how this happened ask what led up to it. he said she started to drive at him and ended up on the hood as a result. she says he jumped on the hood of her car. the woman is facing criminal mischief and aggravated battery with the deadly weapon charges
Nov 14, 2012 5:30am EST
with in one california neighborhood. an 80-year-old pipe burst triggering a huge mudslide, debris, silt and mud gathering in the front of homes and burying cars as the water all ran downhill. 12 homes were evacuated because of this break. >> it breaks my heart. that was my first car. it's a family car right now, but i just want to cry. i can't believe it's halfway up there. we can't even get out of it. >> here's some perspective for you, things could always be worse. other neighbors down the street brought out their own shovels and hoses, trying to dig their way out. but for others it was simply no use. the pipe was originally built in the 1930s and crews are now working to replace it. >>> this may be our story of the day for you on "good morning maryland," a delivery driver says he thought it was a prank, but when he had his car full of chinese food stolen, what's even more strange now is the orders all made it to their customers. turns out this is all part of the suspect's plan. police say the key ties kept driving the delivery car, making the deliveries and cashing in on those tips.
Nov 16, 2012 5:30am EST
on their birthdays. but not a boy from california that asked for one thing, money. he had no intention of keeping it or spending it but donated almost 400 dollars to the burn institute in sacramento and for his generosity he toured the local firehouse and became a firefighter for a day. a good story. >> so young. how about that? >> i love it. i love that story. we are on a roll this morning. let's keep it up with the weather as well. right, you want the rain out of here? i don't believe it will stick around. i think this morning, things will taper off and it's doing that. and mainly it's in southern maryland. some could creep up to the north so don't be surprised if you get a few sprinkles. and as you head to the bus stop you could put the umbrella and the can -- in the kids backpack but they won't need it this afternoon. what you need this morning is a big coat because temperatures are at 36 degrees as we go into the afternoon. they can keep the coat because we are going to be quite chilly. temperatures coming in well below where we should be now for this time of the year. let's check the abc2 t
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8